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The Australian Vineyard Continues to Shrink

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has just released the latest version of their report Vineyards, Australia.  It contains a wealth of information including vineyard areas by Geographical Indication (GI) and details of the sources of vineyard water.

Australian vineyard plantings and removals

Since 2008 the Australian vineyard has been shrinking and one way to track this is by looking at the amount of new plantings and removals. In 2011/12, new plantings of only 940 ha were the lowest since reliable records began in 1995. Removals in 2011/12 were 2,863 ha, which is close to the long-term trend.

Although the gap between removals and plantings has narrowed considerably since 2010, there still remains an imbalance between grape supply and demand.  National industry wine organisations called for a 20% reduction of the 2009 vineyard area of 157,000 ha as part of their Wine Industry Restructuring Agenda.   This would equate to a net reduction of ca. 30,000 ha, of which about half has been achieved to date.  With 12,357 ha of Australian vineyard left unpicked in 2011/12, we should expect the total vineyard area to continue to decrease for a least the next few years.

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